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Excalibur dictionary directory

These are the dictionaries currently available for Excalibur. If you have trouble with any of these links, you can also get them here.

Please note that each dictionary may have its own copyright, use and/or licensing information. Refer to the included readme files for details.

Atomic elements - by Laurence Passmore
Biomed words - by Adrienne Forbes
British dictionary 2.2 - by Adrienne Forbes
Catalan dictionary with Catalan and Valencian variations - by Joan Dolç
Danish dictionary
French dictionary
Dutch dictionary
German dictionary with traditional and new ortography - by Detlef Nickel
German dictionary with new ortography - by Peter Weber
Haitian Creole dictionary - by Chris Luckhart
HTML Dictionary 1.1 - by Russell A. Cardwell
Indonesian dictionary 2.0 - by Masanori Kaneko
Italian A-B words (plain text file) - by Adrienne Forbes
Italian dictionary - by Paolo N.I.D. Matteucci
Italian supplement - by Adrienne Forbes
Mathematical words dictionary (in English and French) - by Pascal Romon
LsdSpell (life science words) - by Shuji Kaneko
Manx dictionary
Medical dictionary - by Clare Shumway
Nannoplankton dictionary - by Jamie Kahn Genet
Nederlands dictionary - by Oscar van Vlijmen
Norwegian dictionary 2.2 - by Svein Olav Nyberg and Hans Trygve Jensen
Portuguese dictionary - by Nuno J. Mamede
RSV Dictionary (words and names from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible) - by Chris MM Brady
Spanish dictionary - by Juan Luis Varona
Standard dictionary - this is the standard dictionary distributed with the current version of Excalibur. It is American English.
Swedish dictionary - by Jan Erik Mostrom